Guest Lectures

  1. Mr. Manoj Gupta (FMG Group of Institutions) delivered a talk on “Universal Human Values” on 25th January, 2018.
  2. Mr. Jitesh Kumar (LG Electronics) delivered a talk on “Happiness through Mind Control” on 24th January, 2018.
  3. Dr. Smriti Khatri (Turacoz) delivered a talk on “Career Opportunities for Students” on 23rd January, 2018.
  4. Dr. Tejinder Singh delivered a lecture on “Thalassemia Awareness” on 15th November, 2017.
  5. Dr. Mandeep (Associate Professor, Thapar University, Ludhiana) delivered a lecture on “Spiritual Science” on 4th August, 2017.
  6. Dr. Kumar Sambhav (Professor, Galgotia University) delivered a lecture on “Universal Human Values & Professional Ethics” on 3rd August, 2017.
  7. Mr. Amit Saxena (R&D Manager, Havells) delivered a lecture on “Management Skills” on 2nd August, 2017.
  8. Mr. Sunil Verma (Director ACI Chandigarh) delivered a lecture on “Entrepreneurship and Career Perspective in Pharmacovigilance” on 5th April, 2014.
  9. Dr. Uttam Tripathi (Scientist Teva, API Greater Noida) delivered a lecture on “HPLC Method Development” on 5th October, 2013.
  10. Mr. S.K. Jain (Chief Pharmacist AIIMS New Delhi) delivered a lecture on “Role of Pharmacist in Public Health” on 9th September, 2013.
  11. Dr. Pradeep Kumar Singh (Manager, Regulatory Affairs-Panacea Biotech, Delhi) delivered a lecture on “Regulatory Affairs: An Overview” on 6th September, 2013.
  12. Dr. Ravi Prakash Rao (Scientist, Fresenius Kabi Gurgaon), delivered a lecture on “Pharmacovigilance-Ensuring the Safe Use of Medicines” on 6th September, 2013.
  13. Mr. Ranjan Kumar ( Technical Head) & Mr. Gaurav Kumar (Research Associate) of Bioinformatics Institute of India, Noida delivered a lectures on "The Role of Biotech and Bioinformatics in Pharmaceutical and Drug Industry" on 16th August, 2012.
  14. Mr. Rakesh Rathi (General Manager, Apollo Medvarsity Online Limited) delivered a lecture on 'The Opportunity in Health Care" on 3rd October, 2012.
  15. Mrs. Pooja & Mrs. Madhuri from VPM Tanning Institute delivered lectures on "Personality Development and Communication Skills" on 10th October, 2012.