To ensure that students acquire optimal theoretical knowledge and practical training of the pharmacy programme through curricular and co-curricular activities having values of professional ethics.


To provide specialized quality education in the field of pharmacy, producing graduates who can face the challenges and demands of the professional world, and contribute to the health of the society.

Programme Educational Objectives

1. Graduates will be able to develop themselves into academically sound professionals by acquiring scientific and technical knowledge required to undertake responsibilities in a wide range of activities related to pharmacy profession. They will be ready to access and accept new technologies.

2. Graduates will be able to communicate and work effectively as part of the team in their respective organizations.

3.Graduates will be able to learn professional ethics and value system needed for the growth of society.

Programme Outcomes

1. Graduates will have conceptual knowledge and background to be able to handle drugs safely and ensure their rational use.

2. Graduates will have the ability to implement the acquired knowledge and skills for pharmaceutical production, packaging and marketing.

3. Graduates will have ability to design new drugs & dosage forms.

4. Graduates will have the ability to evaluate and assure the quality of drugs & drug products

5. Graduates will have the ability to systematically identify drugs of natural origin and their significance in therapeutics.

6. Graduates will have thorough understanding of chemical structure, reactions, pharmacological activity and structure activity relationship of medicinally active compounds.

7. Graduates will be able to understand the basic anatomy, physiology and pathophysiology of diseases, the mechanisms of action, the pharmacokinetic profiles & therapeutic uses of drugs and drug interaction

8. Graduates will be equipped to handle current instruments and technologies.

9. Graduates will demonstrate the ability to apply knowledge of mathematics and computers for data analysis & drug research.

10. Graduates will have understanding of impact of drugs on society and correlate or harmonize pharmacy knowledge with allied branches and social needs.

11. Graduates will be aware of various regulatory, ethical & legal aspects of pharmacy profession.

12. Graduates will be aware of key environmental issues relevant to pharmacy practice.

13. Graduates will have good managerial skills and entrepreneurship abilities.

14. Graduates will demonstrate the ability to orally communicate ideas and concepts clearly in an organized manner.