Principal Desk



Mr. Ashish Kumar Savita

“Empowerment of Technocrats through Knowledge, Resources and Values”

The development of “Technology and Economic Sectors” is dependent on trained and technical manpower so as to improve the overall industrial health of the Nation. According to International analysts, technical youth of the budding generations will create a new world of Technology; so, new approaches to education are likely to be subject to higher levels of experimentation and testing compared to traditional approaches. In the globalization of education, it is extremely important for technical institutions to evaluate and assess their curricular and teaching quality with internationally accepted system and standards.

We plan to become a leading technical institution in the country. To be recognized as a fully functioning academic institution, we have to devote time to both teaching & research equitably since students benefit enormously through both. Our faculty members have a big challenge at hand of strengthening the research ground via MSME Incubation Centre inside Ram-Eesh Campus. This will trigger a unique system similar to the “Industry on Campus” scheme.

As academicians, we have to be careful and responsible builders of Humanity & Society as a whole.

Students of technical education must excel in many areas besides Technology, such as  Communication and Human Values. They need to develop other qualities to become individuals of fine character who create value wherever they are. Honesty and dedication in thoughts, words and deed will develop true character  and true character will  develop self discipline.

Ashish Kumar Savita