H.O.D’s Message


Dr. Sangeeta Gupta

Nelson Mandela said, “Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world.” A teacher is one who dedicated her whole life to learning “A living incarnation of knowledge”. Teachers shape the future of the nation by shaping young minds. It is firmly believed that the quality of teachers in educational institutions determine the eventual quality of education. In other words, an effective teacher significantly influences the life of a school as well as of a nation and without her contribution, no development or reconstruction can take place.

Teachers are required to fulfill many roles and perform many duties that may be considered ancillary. At the core of the role and duties is the actual practice of teaching. The primary purpose of teaching is to facilitate student learning. It is essential that we think about the training imparted to the teachers before they teach the students. In such a scenario, qualitative teacher training becomes crucial. The total system of education can be overhauled and streamlined only when the teachers are professionally and personally well trained.

In the contemporary era, teachers should have the ability to ensure cognitive, affective and conative development of the students and create in them such a value system which is a mixture of ideals, nationalistic attitude, scientific temper and secular mindset. Ram-Eesh Institute of Education, Greater Noida, where the motto is Righteousness, Integrity and Enlightenment, intends to create teachers of tomorrow, the transformative knowledge of Indian tradition, under the guidance of our esteemed Chairman Dr. R.C. Sharma, former advisor UNESCO and energetic Managing Director, Ms Pratibha Sharma. The faculty members are also dedicated in preparing teachers with sound values, ready to take up the challenges of the 21st century classrooms. At RIE, we groom young aspiring prospective teachers not only in their subjective teaching but in their lives too.

As the progress of the nation depends upon the quality of its teachers, we put forth our efforts for the teaching effectiveness and professional of the prospective teachers through rigorous practice of Simulated Teaching, Micro-Teaching, Teaching Practice, Training in Teaching Methodology, Cultural and sports activities, Work with Community, etc. for which they are appreciated by practicing schools and society.